Do I Have to Be an Artist to Be a Great Designer?

As an artist and a designer (there is a difference), I have encountered resistance in others who do not believe that they can be a great designer because they are not artists. The purpose of this article is to hopefully, for some with an open mind, break up those self limiting thoughts and allow yourself to open up the creative treasure box that is stored within the brains of all people.

Before we move too far along, I want to get some definitions and comparisons out of the way. I want to define artist and designer and compare the two.

An artist in my opinion is someone who has a natural or developed talent in producing aesthetic creations either from their own mind or a model realistically or abstractly depicted. Notice, that I said the talent can be developed; however, that discussion is for another article.

Now on to the definition of designer. A designer simply takes pre-existing elements and arranges them in a way to make them pleasing to the eye.

Now, note that being able to produce art can certainly help in your designs, but it is not totally necessary. You CAN be a great designer without any artistic talent. (You can be a great artist as well, but as I said before, we will talk about that in another article.)

In order to become a great designer, all it takes is study. Just as any subject in school or college. The next question that you may ask is, "Where is the book?" Well, with design, there are many books that you can in fact buy, and I would recommend that. There is something else that I would also recommend even more: That is simply becoming a student of design, Keep your eyes open. Look at things that other designers have done, find out how they did it, and add that technique to your designers toolbox.

Most of the lessons here at Learn Digital Design are centered around teaching you design techniques. Things are taught that I believe can be reproduced by anyone, regardless of talent, natural, or learned.

I run a website that teaches digital design the open source way. We will guide you through finding these programs and learning to use them A through Z. Learn Digital Design  

Author: Benjamin Lilley
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