Women’s Fashion Trends – 7 Spring Trends for Office and Evening Wear

From artsy to craftsy, spring of 2008 has many fashion trends to mix and match. Here are 7 delightful spring looks to freshen your wardrobe for work or after hours.

1. Blooming: From huge pansies and overblown peonies, to tiny scattered flowers, florals are busting forth this spring. These are not your grandmother's bouquets. Designers are showing these blossoms on everything from shorts to loose pants, skirts and dresses. To wear these fashions in the real world, keep it modern by pairing an overblown floral print with solids. Head-to-toe blossoms are only for the runway.

2. Flowing fabrics: Voluminous frocks are flowing down the runway, in primary colors, and yes - in florals! They may be great for the poolside or very casual evenings, but they are too casual for the workplace. What's more, they overwhelm small frames. If you are petite, look for this trend in items that have less volume, so you won't disappear into the fabric.

3. Artsy: Art has always inspired designers, and this year brush-stroke patterns are in. In particular, you'll see beautiful fabrics inspired by watercolors. Delicious to wear!

4. Craftsy: Designers are combing the globe, offering us chunky chokers, beaded bracelets, and patterns and fringes inspired by everything from American Indian art to African art. You may already have some chunky silver or turquoise. Pull out your bracelets and chokers, and pile them on. But be moderate for the office.

5. Snazzy shoes: Shoes are extreme this season, from flat gladiators to teetering high heels and wedges. There's nothing basic about these hot colors, patchwork patterns, and sculpted heels. Just walk carefully.

6. Bags are big, and patterned too. Or tiny. And colorful, chunky, and bold. Name your style. Add some embellishments, such as jewelry for a unique piece.

7. A touch of men's wear: Tuxes and blazers are still with us. These looks are easier to translate into office wear. Ahh, something to wear to work, at last.

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From Lynda Goldman, author of 30 books including How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression

Author: Lynda Goldman
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