Who Sets the Fashion Trends?

Historically, the fashion trends have been set by what are known as the fashion houses. These were the Couturiers, i.e the high end of the fashion world. In some ways, shapes or forms, they used to get together and decide, and demonstrate their different versions of styles that were similar to each other through their own Fashion Houses, forming a brand. These ranges are geared towards the richer audience who have a special responsibility for their styles and outputs. Celebrities for example, tend to be the first ones to take up the new styles so the general mass can follow through fashion shows.

The lower ends of the industry are traditionally into what is known as an industrial espionage referring to spying on the latest trends from the high end fashion houses and coming up with their cheaper versions affordable to all.

As time went by, we noticed old styles being re-introduced into the market with a different touch and taste to cater to the latest demands. It is now a style that is "different" to others that catches attention regardless of how weird it may look. If a famous personality adopts it, then it becomes a fashion statement and fans and others tend to emulate.

Fashion trends are not restricted to clothing and accessories, they extend to cover almost anything that has to do with public appearance. It could be hairstyles, jewellery, cars or even internal designs of the house.

The various brands are actually designer inspired. Any designer attracting fame gets a great following and each time he/ she comes up with a new style it automatically becomes the latest trend for their client base.

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Author: Marlina Green
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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