There is Still Great Development Potential For World of Warcraft

World of warcraft is a network game produced by a well known game company Blizzard Entertainment, a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The players regard themselves as one of the members in world of warcraft to exploration, adventure and complete their mission in the vast world. World of Warcraft, as a massively multiplayer game, has provided a stage for thousands of players. In the game you can explore the unknown world and to conquer the monster, it is a new adventure. The gamer will continue to bring new challenges and adventures in the future.

According to foreign media reports on August 22, as the world's most popular online video game World of Warcraft has entered its fifth year. The game developer Blizzard announced the launch of the third expansion pack of world of warcraft. In this expansion pack, two new races have been added, namely "werewolf" and "goblins." Also, the level cap has been raised to level 85. The "classical regional" has also been adjusted, updated new content and added advanced new areas. With the combination of new race and classes, more looting content will also be added to.

The Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime expressed the belief that to some extent, World of Warcraft has become an international pop culture icon still be able to develop and run for many years.

Blizzard said that there will be many adjustments and updates added to the graphics engine of world of warcraft, while the expansion pack will improve the minimum system requirements of the game. The data of this expansion pack has been always updated on the website of World of Warcraft, including the screen, cutting diagrams, video, quizzes and other contents.

Recently, the video game industry has been hit by the decline in consumer spending, but this game has been very successful. Last year, World of Warcraft had brought more than one billion U.S dollars revenue to Blizzard. It is said that many celebrities are playing World of Warcraft.

After announcing the launch of the third expansion pack of World of Warcraft, the CEO Mogami said in an interview that, he believes that after five years, the future of World of Warcraftwill still has a huge potential for growth.

World of Warcraft will be suitable for everyone. There will be new players continue to participate in this game. It has enormous opportunities for development in the new international market, especially when the broadband becomes more popular in the world. For the new player, World of Warcraft will be more attractive.

World of Warcraft is different from other online games, no matter when Blizzard publish new content, World of Warcraft will soon be able to update online. The World of Warcraft is now available for five years, but we all believe that it will be operating more years.

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