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Graphics design is presenting information visually with images and text. It involves a wide range of cognitive skills, aesthetics and crafts. It is used from the simple traffic road signs to the logos of company we are working or dealing with.

True that graphics design evolves as fast as technology. From the paintings in the caves of Lascaux around 14,000 BC to the numerous use of it not only to attract the eyes of people but also to bring information and to communicate visually. Here are several uses graphics design:

In Advertising

Graphics design plays a big part in advertising. In order to draw attention from potential customers, they use aesthetic and emotional appeal to their products. This includes the company logo which is considered in corporate identity and branding.

In Entertainment

From the backdrop, to the posters, to the visual story telling, graphics design is always being used. This helps bring in the interest of viewers or readers to intended mood. For film, it is used in opening and closing credit. For theater plays, it is used props, backdrops and posters. For books, it is used in covers and in the content itself.

In Journalism

Graphics design helps in presenting the author's opinion or even on giving facts in writing news, articles, blogs and journals. It is not necessary but it will be an improvement on the visual information.

On our Ancestors

It was used by our ancestors to communicate. It serves as "words" during the prehistoric periods. Anthropologists now studies the signs and symbols painted on the cave and caverns to learn more about them.

In Education

Graphics are used mostly in education. In science,one example of which is human anatomy. Teachers use a picture of a human to point exactly which part of the human body they are talking about. In geography, it is used in maps and other graphic materials to illustrate or describe the earth. In Math, different kinds of graph are being used to make a presentation of data more understandable.

On the 3w's

Graphics design is very important in e-Commerce. It should be visually appealing enough to attract visitors to browse the site. But it takes visual communication skills and interactive communication skills to do this. It is a combined work of graphics designers and web developers to create a web site that would be pleasing to the visitor's eyes.

We may not be conscious about it but graphics design plays a big role in our everyday lives. It help us communicate visually. It also helps us on deciding which should be checked on first when we have variants to choose from. And it also helps us understand certain things easier.

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