How to Impress Your Clients As a Graphic Designer

If you really want to impress your clients as a graphic designer, then offer them something which they cannot find elsewhere. If you offer something unique or go beyond your duties, then you will win them over for good.

Each client has different expectations. These requirements are based on the design job. The following is a list of what clients expect from a graphic designer:

1) NATURAL TALENT: You should show your client how truly talented you are at what you do. Clients can tell if you are trying to force an image together or if you have what it takes to create effective designs.

2) LATEST DESIGN TRENDS: Clients won't enjoy working with a designer who uses outdated design styles. Clients will appreciate a designer who is well-versed in the lasted design marketing trends. Furthermore, you can impress clients if you create unique designs that combine the right colors, text, and images.

3) EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS: As a graphic designer, your clients will expect you to communicate with them during all phases of the project. They will also require you to carry out all orders they have given to you for the project (within reason). Along with that, they expect you to have optimal customer service skills.

4) CONFIDENCE: Clients want to take one look at you and know you "can do it." You need to convince your clients you have the skills and expertise to finish a project to their satisfaction.

5) THE LATEST DESIGN SOFTWARE: They will expect you to know the latest computer design software. Otherwise why should clients hire you?

You may not realize how smart your clients can be at times. They may not know the types of software that designers use, but they are knowledgeable of what is available.

If a client asked ask you if you are knowledgeable in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, or Quark XPress, it is best to tell them you are. Tell your clients exactly what software certifications you have earned.

6) PERFECT GRAMMAR: Nothing is more embarrassing than misspelled words or awkward phrases. Your clients will trust that you are qualified to choose effective slogans that are spelled properly and that make sense.

The only exception, of course, is if the graphic logos or ad campaign text intentionally requires some type of misspelling or some form of misused grammar. This is usually true in cases such as EZ Care or other catchy business brand names, or slogan text meant to be humorous.

In addition to the above, your clients will expect you to demonstrate that you have a passion for what you do. If you seem less than enthusiastic in your role as a designer, then you may lose your chance to complete projects offered by the most reputable firms in the world.

The lack of passion usually is not as much of a concern for new designers as it is for more seasoned designers. If you've been a graphic designer for awhile and you lack inspiration, then you can find ways to re-inspire yourself.

Perhaps you can take a vacation and see the world. This will help you gain a new perspective on life and it will help you in your profession. You might also want to shoot as many photos as you can while on vacation, or take a pad and paper and begin drawing by hand again.

Another way to re-gain your inspiration is to visit museums, take new classes, or network with other graphic designers. You may consider joining designer's forums and collaborate on group projects. This will help ignite the fire in you that you need to succeed in the design world.

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Author: Brian D. Scott
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