Graphic Design in New York City Slated to Get Boost With College Graduates

New York City is a hub for all things related to technology; this of course isn't limited to motion graphic studios, animation houses, 3D rendering farms, and graphic design firms. With NYC housing three of the top art and design colleges in America: SVA (School of Visual Arts), Parsons the New school for Design, and Cooper Union - The Advancement of Science and Art. Each of these educational institutions is renowned for spitting out some of the greatest ethical designers in the world. These young designers normally leave New York City at the drop of a hate for places such as Shanghai, Berlin, Torino, and London; places known to have vast and considerably less competitive opportunities for young, emerging designers. However, more and more these young designers are choosing to stay in the tri-state area to make their mark on the design world. But why?

I have heard established print designers from Parsons, say that the reason behind this phenomenon is because graphic design in New York City, and design all over America has become stagnant. Large graphic design institutions which have established themselves as design trendsetters have moved design in the wrong direction he says; that design itself hasn't been allowed to move in the right direction due to a lack of creative routes for people to explore. These hip, young designers tend to group together and form small design start up companies. One famous one: "Iminlikewithyou" also came about by a few of these students from design schools. The social networking website turned out to be one of the best niche examples of web 2.0 advertising strategy.

As outsourcing design work becomes more and more prominent in America, many young designers with sentiments towards their own country refuse to travel elsewhere to work; instead their choosing to remain in America to work and bolster the economy without reducing themselves to outsourced work to places such as India, China, and Russia. Another seductive reason for young designers to remain in America is government incentive. There are plenty of government grants offered to startup companies who don't outsource their work. For all of these reasons together, graphic design in New York City is looking more and more profitable, reasonable, and logical.

Fred McCoy is a New York Web Design critic who works for Blue Fountain Media; his articles are on point, descriptive, and insightful.

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