Effective Marketing with Web Graphics

A very effective way to market your business is through the use of high-end, very attractive graphics. Whether advertising online with banners or email, or offline with such mediums as flyers or business cards, graphics can be the difference between a potential customer sending an inquiry or disregarding your business completely.

In order to fully comprehend how powerful graphics are, put yourself in a situation. You are on a website, looking at two banners: One is black and white, with flashing text. The other is full of colors, catching the eye, and presenting a product in an appealing and interesting way. Which one would you choose? Simply because humans prefer attractive things over bland shows how important graphics are.

Interactive banners are perhaps one of the best ways to attract people to your site. Banners that have games contained in them attract people who want to have a play. However, there is a downside. It is nearly impossible to advertise your product with a banner like this, and they are more expensive to produce. But because they attract so many people, even if just 1% of people buy your product after your website pops up, it can add up to a lot of money.

The world is filled with spam today, and if you are emailing prospects, it's very important to make your email stand out. First and foremost, the emails must have a catchy title, and second, the top of the email must have an attractive image that leads down to the copy. When people open an email and it immediately jumps into a sales pitch, they usually just close it. An image can buy your email precious seconds that could make the difference between a sale or nothing.

Graphics aren't cheap, unfortunately. Even business logos can go as high as $500. Here's a tip to save money and get the best quality images. First, do some research; find a designer who has done good work in the past and whose work you like. Contact the designer and buy a single graphic, then test it out in a marketing campaign. This can be a bit costly, especially if you have to cycle through designers, but the payoff is when you find the right one. When this happens, arrange a bulk deal, for which you can get dozens of graphics for a lower price than if purchased one at a time.

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Author: Ryan T Jackson
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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