Edinburgh – The City of Design

Edinburgh is Scotland's capitol and has a population of around 450,000 Scots. It is well known for its historic value with Edinburgh Castle being the most popular attraction of the city. But there is much more to Edinburgh than you may think. It is diverse and contemporary city with many design agencies and art galleries that make this city full of art and design.

The most well know design aspect of Edinburgh is Edinburgh's Art School. This art school has produced some of Scotland's most respected and well artists with the likes of Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and Sir Robin Philipson. The Edinburgh Art School can be traced as early back as 1760, when the Trustees Drawing Academy of Edinburgh. This institute has survived being independent for centuries but in recent years it has been associated with Heriot-Watt University and more recently, with Napier University. It produces many writers, musicians, sculptors, painters and architects every year.

It is not just the university that makes Edinburgh the top design city, but the art galleries also add the every growing and fascinating art and design scene in Edinburgh. There are many galleries to be found in the city, with many different themes. The Scottish contemporary art can be found in the Fruitmarket Gallery, the centre of Edinburgh. Here, the best of contemporary art can be seen by bringing artists and audiences together through exhibitions, and shows. There are also the traditional art Galleries that are well respected amongst the art scene. The national Gallery of Scotland can be found in the centre of the city and it houses fine art from around the world. There is also a comprehensive collection the covers the history of Scottish. But not only does Edinburgh provides these galleries, but there are many more such as the Portrait Gallery and the Modern Art Gallery.

With all of this fine art being produce there is even fined design coming out of Edinburgh with the help of many a respectable corporate design company in Edinburgh. There are many top end design companies that have some of the best web designers in Edinburgh turning out some unique and cutting edge design campaigns for the like of the Scottish Government, The Scottish Ballet and IBM. Graphic design in Edinburgh is thought to be leading the way for the Scottish design world.

The architecture in Edinburgh is thought to be some of the most stunning in Scotland. It has many modern and historic buildings side by side, making the city very diverse with old and new fussed together in a successful and breathtaking way.

Overall, Edinburgh is truly a city of design. From the buildings and architecture to the Art School and Galleries, the many design agencies make this city at the top of the art and design game. It is a strong contender for other large design cities like London. Edinburgh is one to watch for the exciting design that it is producing and it only seems to be getting better.

Author: Pamela Weaver
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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