Creating an Online Photography Portfolio Easily

Creating your own photography portfolio you get your photos displayed. Right? Yes and No. Yes, because your photos really get displayed and more people can see them. No, because it takes more than just displaying photos to create a personal photography portfolio.

Let us begin from the very beginning. A personal photography web site starts with the selection of photos. While doing this you have to take several things into consideration. First of all, the theme of your photos plays a great a role. If your photos are theme-based, it means that to showcase this theme you need to present a complete set of pictures. Then your theme may have an opening, development and finish. The urge for completeness will draw the attention of the viewers to watch it till the end.

Second, the number of pictures displayed is also important. You do not have to cram all your pictures into a portfolio. If it is a good portfolio, it contains only the best pictures of yours. If it is an excellent portfolio, the number of photos in it is limited just to cover its theme.

So, you have your theme-based set of pictures. The next step is placing all the photos on the web site. Quickly and cost-effectively this can be done by means of a web or flash template. Flash web templates would make your site lively, animated and very interactive. But, beware that the template should correspond to your theme and your photos should very smoothly fit into the future web site. Some web template companies among their templates have even distinguished a category of Photography templates. If you prefer to hire a web designer to develop a web site from scratch, be prepared to pay a hundred times more.

However, this is not all. You also need space on a disk (hosting) and a domain name. Some web template companies offer free web hosting. You buy a web site template and you do not have to pay additionally for the space on a disk. Then the only thing you have to buy is a domain name. You can choose another hosting company, pay for hosting and get a free domain. So, you always have something to choose from.

Trenty Fox is a Marketing Assistant at Flash Mint. Flash Mint is a leading producer of web and flash photography templates with first-rate sound and motion and extraordinary graphics.

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